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Diabetes Diet & Treatment: Darlene lost 150 pounds!
Darlene C. West had struggled with her weight since childhood. She had tried and abandoned countless weight loss programs. By her early 40s, she had reached 310 pounds, and lost all hope that a weight loss program could help her. Then, at the age of 45, Darlene was diagnosed with Type II diabetes, a disease brought on in part by her weight and lack of exercise. It was a turning point.

Darlene realized that she could accept the diagnosis, or she could fight back. She fought back, creating her own diabetic diet plan. The diabetes diet and diabetes treatment program she developed achieved dramatic results. Today, Darlene West is 150 pounds lighter and free of diabetes thanks to the diabetic diet plan.

Darlene West’s Diabetes Diet

Diabetes Diet & Weight Loss Program BookHow Losing 150 Pounds Changed My Life is the very personal chronicle of Darlene West’s inspiring journey from 300 pounds, diabetes and hopelessness to weight loss, diabetes treatment and good health. Her diabetes treatment and diabetes diet enabled her to reverse her diagnosis – and lose 150 pounds.

Whether you’re combating Type II diabetes or searching for a diabetes diet or weight loss program that works, How Losing 150 Pounds Changed My Life has an answer. Reading it could change your life.

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