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Darlene West had tried nearly every diet plan, every weight loss program, every new approach to lose weight that had come along. She would lose 30 pounds, only to gain 40. By age 45, she had reached 310 pounds, convinced she didn't have the will power to lose weight and keep it off.

In 2001, she was diagnosed with Type II, non-insulin-dependent diabetes, a disease likely brought on by her weight and lack of exercise. She knew she had to rethink how she lived. She had to lose weight - her life depended on it.

A lover of food, Darlene West had struggled with the small portions doled out by so many weight loss programs. She always felt hungry, which made it difficult to lose weight. This time she would not starve herself to lose weight. Instead, she familiarized herself with the nutritional value of food to create a healthy diet. She created a diet plan and a lifestyle that supported that diet plan. Rather than focus on the scale to lose weight, now she concentrated on adopting a healthy diet.

The following are part of the philosophy of Darlene's five-part weight loss program:
  • No weighing or measuring portions
  • No calculating of carbohydrates
  • No counting of calories
  • Eat anytime - day or night - whenever desired
  • Eat unlimited vegetables and fruits
  • Eat whenever your emotional reaction demands
  • Never feel hungry or deprived
  • No food is ever completely off limits
  • Liquid meals never replace food
  • No drugs or packaged meals
  • No surgery to reduce stomach size

Concentrating on food groups instead of counting, measuring, weighing and writing everything down gave Darlene the confidence to stick with the diet plan and lose weight. She learned to trust her body to do all the counting necessary.

How Losing 150 Pounds Changed My Life details the weight loss program and healthy diet Darlene created and used to lose weight - 150 pounds! Written from Darlene's direct experience, the book includes:
  • Ways to adapt the weight loss program to meet your particular preferences and needs
  • Suggestions on how to challenge your bad habits and create new, healthy ones to lose weight
  • Help to identify and alter those automatic routines that hinder your diet plan and ability to lose weight
  • Tips, ideas and suggestions on how to stay focused on your weight loss program and diet plan
To learn how How Losing 150 Pounds Changed My Life can change your life, please see the About the Book section or click here to buy the book.

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