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About the Author: Darlene C. West

Darlene C. West had battled her weight since childhood. A lifetime of failed weight loss plans had robbed her of any hope of ever achieving a normal weight. The emotional damage and sense of powerlessness wounded her self-esteem and crippled her self-confidence. She became convinced, as with so many others like her, that she simply lacked the willpower to succeed with a weight loss program.

Weight Loss Plans and Diabetes Information

For Darlene West, weight loss plans failed in part because she found their many restrictions impossible to manage. She felt hungry, even after eating what the diet allowed, while the stress of constant counting,Darlene at diabetes diagnosis stage measuring and weighing eventually overwhelmed her. And with each failed weight loss plan, Darlene gained a bit more weight, and lost a bit more hope.

By her mid-40s, Darlene West carried over 300 pounds on her 5' 3'' body. It became hard for her to accomplish simple daily activities like walking to the mailbox or getting out of a chair. She used stairs only when absolutely necessary and avoided chairs with arms at all costs for fear of becoming stuck. With each additional pound, she withdrew a little further.

She grew to hate herself for creating this body that now kept her from living the life she wanted to live. When she was then diagnosed with insulin-resistant, or Type II, diabetes, brought on by her weight and lack of exercise, Darlene West assumed her life was over.

Diabetes and Diabetes Diagnosis

Darlene West received the diabetes diagnosis on May 14, 2001. She had failed her body, and now her body was failing her. She was young, just 45 years old. She was a mother of two and wife to her high school sweetheart. She was a valued employee with nearly 30 years at Oregon's daily newspaper, The Oregonian. And now all of that seemed about to disappear. She had reached rock bottom.

For Darlene West, this diabetes diagnosis became the turning point in her life. Rather than accept the news, she decided to fight. She researched additional diabetes information and developed a weight loss plan. She lost 150 pounds, reclaiming her body, her health and a happy, diabetes-free future. How she did this is an inspiring story of commitment, love and tapping those sources of personal strength within all of us.

From Diabetes Diagnosis to Diabetes Action

Taking charge of her health began by acquiring as much diabetes information as she could collect. She also reviewed the old habits and routines that had led to failure in other weight loss plans.

By studying the diabetes information, and learning from past weight loss plans, she constructed a five-part health program that included exercise and a nutritional diet, but allowed for adjustments and indulgences. She did away with the complications of counting, weighing and limited portions that had caused her so much stress.

It wasn't easy. There were many false starts and plenty of frustration and uncertainty. There were even moments when fear and hopelessness nearly led Darlene West to quit.

But her efforts soon produced results, dramatic results. Ten pounds turned into 20 pounds. Pride and self-confidence began to return. Forty pounds turned into 50 pounds. This gave her the strength to continue with the weight loss plan. And the weight continued to come off until Darlene had lost 150 pounds!

Meanwhile, tests revealed that the weight loss plan and diabetes information were helping her lower her blood-sugar levels as well. Each exam showed another step toward non-diabetic conditions. After two years and two months, Darlene West's doctor, herself astonished, informed her that she was diabetes free!

How Losing 150 Pounds Changed My Life

Today, Darlene West is a vibrant, diabetes-free woman who embraces life and looks forward to tomorrow. Her book, How Losing 150 Pounds Changed My Life, shares how she got there. Whether you have Type II diabetes or just struggle with weight, the diabetes information and weight loss plan in How Losing 150 Pounds Changed My Life could change your life, too.

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