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How Losing 150 Pounds Changed My Life

How Losing 150 Pounds Changed My Life tells the story of Darlene C. West's inspiring journey from obesity, diabetes and hopelessness to weight loss, confidence and diabetes-free good health. One part honest memoir, one part practical weight loss plan and diabetes diet, How Losing 150 Pounds Changed My Life shares how Darlene changed her life. Could reading it change yours?

How Losing 150 Pounds Changed My Life is organized into four useful sections, including discussion of Darlene C. West's life before her weight loss program, her diabetes and a diabetes diet, how to change your lifestyle, and practical advice for losing weight and keeping it off.

How Losing 150 Pounds Changed My Life

Darlene C. West had struggled with her weight her entire life. She shares how the bad habits she acquired in childhood led to many painful years. She discusses her hopeful experiments with one weight loss program after another and how the failure of each weight loss program further damaged her already fragile self-confidence.

By her 20s, Darlene C. West had started letting her weight dictate her life. It took reaching 310 pounds and a diagnosis, at age 45, of Type II diabetes to inspire her to fight back. She shares the struggles of those early days, describing the weight loss program and diabetes diet she finally created to reclaim her life.

Changed Thinking - Changed Life

Darlene C. West explains how she transformed her hate and fear of exercise into acceptance and even enjoyment. She also discusses how she taught herself to view food not as an enemy, but as an ally that would work for her weight loss program and diabetes diet and not against them.

Changes of this magnitude require restructuring one's lifestyle, eradicating bad habits and flawed ways of thinking. Darlene C. West offers tips and techniques for adapting your lifestyle to your weight loss program and diabetes diet. She also provides strategies for staying committed to your weight loss program and diabetes diet.

Difference - From Large to Slender

For years, Darlene adapted her life to accommodate her size. She discusses how trapped she felt by her own body. Nearly everything, from going to the store to visiting the dentist, required planning. She describes the toll it took and how she survived.

By transforming her body, Darlene C. West did the same for her life. She learns that "We are what we think," highlighting how that discovery affected her diabetes diet, the clothes she wore, her relationships, even how she moved.

Success Can Also Be Yours

Darlene C. West believes if she can do it, you can do it! She provides a workable food plan and diabetes diet free of calorie counting or portion restrictions. In her weight loss program and diabetes diet, you eat when you want and as much as you want. Included are simple guidelines about what to eat and two weeks of daily menus to get you started. She also shares her low-impact philosophy on exercise and starting a plan.

“Plan to succeed!” says Darlene C. West. In this final section she helps you do just that by offering tips on setting your goals, monitoring your progress, staying motivated and adapting your weight loss program and diabetes diet to keep it fresh.

Darlene C. West changed her life. How Losing 150 Pounds Changed My Life could help you change yours!

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